What we Offer


We offer a unique experience dedicated to giving back to our land the local community and the universe around us. Residency programs as well as all visitations are offered by invitation only and your time at the ranch is marked with a purpose. Beginning to end, we see to it that your experience is productive. By transforming the land along side our own personal transformations, we are able to help each other evolve as creative vessels to the universe. Our vision is to gather together and grow as a community by developing the land to its fullest potential in the most sustainable way possible.

It’s more than a Myth


Now imagine for just one moment, The Savage Ranch. The landscape of rolling hills and fiery sky materializes and your protective layers fall away. The veils are lifted and it’s as though you’ve fallen straight from the sky, directly into grace. You are more human, more clear. This is refuge for the wayward children. A haven for artists who have lost their way.

Come as you are. The wayward, the broken, the lost, the fully realized, those in search, and those desiring to be found. And even if you are shrouded in pure darkness, full of evil intention, we will remain bright and open, arms outstretched, ready to watch you transform.

Thank you …


All this would not be possible with the support of our beloved friends, who invested a lot of their time, work and money to make the Fantasy reality. We are just at the beginning and your support will help us to survive and thrive! Click the donate button below to support The Savage Ranch and Love Bailey.

Thank you all!