Saturday, 10th December at 9PM
Soho House New York

An evening of cinema curated by The Slather Factory debuting our full fantasy film “SLATHER IT UP!”

12-2AM Cocktails, Photobooth & Slather Holiday capsule collection showing by Sandflower, Goon Soul, Terry Lovette, Tali De Mar, Chemise Cagoule, Neon Music & horny beats by Edward Vigiletti

Slather it up!

Directed by LOVE BAILEY
Original score by EDWARD VIGILETTI

Gia Genevieve, Yasmine Petty, Dominique Echeverria, That Girl Sussi, Harry Charlesworth, Bebe Huxley, Tali De Mar, Miss Tosh & Rhyan Hamilton.

“Slather it up!” is a magical film that documents the transition of director Love Bailey running from the chaos of her mind to release the veils of shame and put on a show with nothing in her pocket but a dream and the courage to never give up.

The term “Slather it up” means creating something out of nothing with the power of your own hands. Through this journey, Love and her friends show you how to “slather it on thick” in this electric rock opera cult classic.